Regional Patch Programs

Rosary Patch Series

This Rosary Patch Series was developed by the Region 3 Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts & Camp Fire. It was developed to encourage girls and boys to learn about and pray the rosary on a regular basis. There are two brochures with the requirements for the patches. One brochure is for the First through Fifth graders and the other one is for Sixth through Twelfth grades as well as any adults who might be interested in working on the program. This program is open to youth group who wished to learn and pray the rosary.

Once you and your troop/group have completed the necessary requirements you need only to contact your local Catholic Committee to order your patches. You do not need to send in any paperwork. As the leader or Religious Advisor of your troop, you know when the youth have completed the work. It is our sincere hope that you and the youth enjoy learning more about the Rosary and its mysteries.

Beside the two brochures on this program we also have resource pages that may be of help to you.

If you are outside the region and wish to use this program please feel free to do so. When completed please contact your local regional diocese or us by email at